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  1. Go For The Throat/01 - All Shook Up.flac19.10 MB
  2. Go For The Throat/02 - Teenage Anxiety.flac29.41 MB
  3. Go For The Throat/03 - Tin Soldier.flac21.40 MB
  4. Go For The Throat/04 - Keep It On The Island.flac27.14 MB
  5. Go For The Throat/05 - Driver.flac21.95 MB
  6. Go For The Throat/06 - Restless Blood.flac28.58 MB
  7. Go For The Throat/07 - Go For The Throat.flac27.15 MB
  8. Go For The Throat/08 - Lottie And The Charcoal Queen.flac31.75 MB
  9. Go For The Throat/09 - Chip Away (The Stone).flac34.91 MB
  10. Go For The Throat/10 - Fool For A Pretty Face (Live In LA 1981).flac40.81 MB
  11. Go For The Throat/11 - (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Live In LA 1981).flac43.46 MB
  12. Go For The Throat/12 - Be Bop A Lula (Live In LA 1981).flac16.27 MB
  13. Go For The Throat/13 - Tulsa Time (Live In LA 1981).flac22.67 MB
  14. Go For The Throat/Front.jpg223.55 KB