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  1. Begins/CD 1/(1) [Blue Floyd] HAL 9000 Intro � Shine On You Crazy Diamond.flac61.82 MB
  2. Begins/CD 1/(2) [Blue Floyd] Have a Cigar.flac47.97 MB
  3. Begins/CD 1/(3) [Blue Floyd] Fearless.flac41.86 MB
  4. Begins/CD 1/(4) [Blue Floyd] Interstellar Overdrive � Wish You Were Here.flac65.44 MB
  5. Begins/CD 1/(5) [Blue Floyd] Drums.flac53.96 MB
  6. Begins/CD 1/(6) [Blue Floyd] Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.flac40.02 MB
  7. Begins/CD 1/(7) [Blue Floyd] Hey You � Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2.flac121.71 MB
  8. Begins/CD 2/(1) [Blue Floyd] In the Flesh � Sheep.flac79.06 MB
  9. Begins/CD 2/(2) [Blue Floyd] Money.flac71.33 MB
  10. Begins/CD 2/(3) [Blue Floyd] Us & Them � Jam.flac99.53 MB
  11. Begins/CD 2/(4) [Blue Floyd] Young Lust.flac51.43 MB
  12. Begins/CD 2/(5) [Blue Floyd] Beatjam� Come Together.flac30.16 MB
  13. Begins/CD 2/(6) [Blue Floyd] Beatjam� Taxman.flac33.55 MB
  14. Begins/Cover/a Front.jpg292.92 KB
  15. Begins/Cover/b Back.jpg434.09 KB