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  1. Animations/FullHD/Bedtime Boogey 1080p 30fps.mp4625.42 MB
  2. Animations/FullHD/Bedtime Boogey Aftermath 1080p 30fps.mp4596.53 MB
  3. Animations/FullHD/Dinner at Castle Dimitrescu 1080p 30fps.mp4407.46 MB
  4. Animations/FullHD/Fireside 1080p 30fps.webm42.99 MB
  5. Animations/FullHD/Fireside Wedding Night 1080p 30fps.mp4431.72 MB
  6. Animations/FullHD/Horseplay 1080p 30fps.webm17.88 MB
  7. Animations/FullHD/Knotty Mom 1080p 30fps.webm45.91 MB
  8. Animations/FullHD/Lab Experiments 1080p 30fps.mp4400.77 MB
  9. Animations/FullHD/Mother's Warmth Chapter 1 1080p 30fps.webm100.02 MB
  10. Animations/FullHD/Mother's Warmth Chapter 2 1080p 30fps.mp41.67 GB
  11. Animations/FullHD/Parkside Playdate 1080p 30fps.mp4586.86 MB
  12. Animations/FullHD/Poolside Escapade 1080p 60fps.mp4269.81 MB
  13. Animations/FullHD/Rudolph's Reward 1080p 30fps.webm33.92 MB
  14. Animations/FullHD/Saddling Selina 1080p 30fps.mp4462.41 MB
  15. Animations/FullHD/Sadira's Blessing 1080p 60fps.mp4365.15 MB
  16. Animations/FullHD/Sadira's Rebellion 1080p 30fps.webm84.73 MB
  17. Animations/FullHD/Selina's Sabotage 1080p 30fps.mp4697.02 MB
  18. Animations/FullHD/Southern Hospitality 1080p 30fps.mp4483.82 MB
  19. Animations/FullHD/Southern Hospitality Sunday Surprise 1080p 30fps.mp4410.57 MB
  20. Animations/FullHD/Soviet Seduction 1080p 30fps.mp4647.78 MB
  21. Animations/FullHD/Tentacular Epilogue 1080p 30fps.mp412.05 MB
  22. Animations/FullHD/The Bully 1080p 30fps.webm63.52 MB
  23. Animations/FullHD/The Captive Part 1 1080p 60fps.mp4339.03 MB
  24. Animations/FullHD/The Captive Part 2 1080p 30fps.mp4491.90 MB
  25. Animations/UHD/Bedtime Boogey 4K 60fps.mp41.97 GB
  26. Animations/UHD/Bedtime Boogey Aftermath 4K 60FPS.mp41.96 GB
  27. Animations/UHD/Dinner at Castle Dimitrescu 4K 60fps.mp41.78 GB
  28. Animations/UHD/Fireside 4K 60fps.mp41.25 GB
  29. Animations/UHD/Fireside Wedding Night 4K 60fps.mp42.17 GB
  30. Animations/UHD/Horseplay 4K 60fps.mp4380.23 MB
  31. Animations/UHD/Knotty Mom 4K 60fps.mp41.45 GB
  32. Animations/UHD/Lab Experiments 4K 60fps.mp41.86 GB
  33. Animations/UHD/Mother's Warmth Chapter 1 4K 60fps.mp42.64 GB
  34. Animations/UHD/Mother's Warmth Chapter 2 4K 60fps.mp45.18 GB
  35. Animations/UHD/Parkside Playdate 4k 60fps.mp41.92 GB
  36. Animations/UHD/Poolside Escapade 4K 60fps.mp43.11 GB
  37. Animations/UHD/Rudolph's Reward 4K 60fps.mp4585.93 MB
  38. Animations/UHD/Saddling Selina 4K 60fps.mp42.34 GB
  39. Animations/UHD/Sadira's Blessing 4K 60fps.mp42.58 GB
  40. Animations/UHD/Sadira's Rebellion 4K 60fps.mp42.11 GB
  41. Animations/UHD/Southern Hospitality - Sunday Surprise 4K 60fps.mp41.60 GB
  42. Animations/UHD/Southern Hospitality 4K 60fps.mp41.88 GB
  43. Animations/UHD/Soviet Seduction 4K 60fps.mp41.65 GB
  44. Animations/UHD/Tentacular Epilogue 4K 60fps.mp4325.15 MB
  45. Animations/UHD/The Bully 4K 60fps.mp41.83 GB
  46. Animations/UHD/The Captive Part 1 4K 60fps.mp42.09 GB
  47. Animations/UHD/The Captive Part 2 4K 60fps.mp41.84 GB
  48. Games/Jackerman Tentacular-R4-mac.zip2.73 GB
  49. Games/Jackerman Tentacular-R4-pc.zip2.75 GB